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Blvnc Records Double Release Day

Join us on this jam packed musical day to celebrate two releases from two of our amazing artists.

Its Friday 30th, and the last Friday of the month so you know what that means. It is release day, and boy do we have some bangers hitting the shelves today. To mark this day down as being even more extra special we have a double release day.

Being released first today is our exciting first release with the very talented Sierra, with their double A-side 'Felicity's Crystal/White Noise'. Two tracks destined to become gig anthems, we kick of the record with 'Felicity's Crystal' this track will have you instantly moving with the crunchy bass hook, and singing along to the mesmaronic chorus, hitting you with a touch of disco vibe. An anthem classic already. The second track on the record is that of 'White Noise'. A more mellow track, the simple but yet catchy clean guitar lines lead us to sing along with the clever lyrical craftsmanship. Expect these to both be blasted around many a gig and venue across the South-West this year.

Our second release of the day comes from the secretive world of Phantasm. This second release from the band titled 'Eclipse' is another fantastic example of the ghostly stripped back atmospheric workings of the band. Perfect for you late night listens or early morning weekend chills. 'Eclipse' is the perfect follow up records to the debut release 'Shift' which came to us March 1st. There is much more to come from this band. So stay tuned.

All three tracks across both releases today are all available across all online stores and all streaming platforms.

Start your weekend off right, keep streaming and supporting your favorite local artists. And get listening now!

Sierra - 'Felicity's Crystal/White Noise'

Phantasm - 'Eclipse'

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