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Daniel Hinton, Owner and CEO of Blvnc Records.

Blvnc Records Owner and CEO Daniel Hinton, addresses updates and details about the new venture. On the potential deal with audio services company Vasonic, and all the visions of the future.

Following on from the successes of previous ventures, Full House Entertainment and Concrete Cat Records. Hinton set upon the task of a new and bigger venture. Thus the creation of Blvnc Records. Blvnc Records, a sole independent record label based in the South-West or Bath to be specific. Entirely driven and focused on artist and music development, the label specialises in offering a new helping platform allowing artists the time, space, energy and creativity they need to be at their ultimate best. Enhancing the expression and music they love to create, play and perform.

On the updates and details of Blvnc records;

It’s all things go here at Blvnc Records. It is always exciting when a new business come to fruition and to be at the head of that even more so.

Here at Blvnc Records, We have aimed and will continuously aim to create a free artistic space for new and young artists, as well as already established ones. To help push them, whether that be with their music or a push for the brand and the image that they are. The label is entirely music driven, and the sense of full accomplishment is what we fully thrive off. Even though it is still early doors it is a very exciting time to be in and to be a part of and here at Blvnc Records we are looking forward to it all.

On the potential deal with Vasonic;

There are also exciting plans in the works about collabs and partnerships with various other businesses and projects around. None more so than a deal with Vasonic is on the cards. Vasonic is an ‘Apple Verified’ distributor and audio services company. They offer a plethora of services including mixing, mastering, visuals, artworks and videography content. So a hopeful great partnership in there for that one. Vasonic will be a great asset and friendship for the label too. So again, stay tuned for that one.

On acquiring the Concrete Cat Records Catalogue;

Although small, it was important to be able to carry that over with us. And the idea of re-hashing the current music and re pushing and putting it back out there with the artist is definitely on the cards.

On visions for and of the future;

Going forward I think it is still as important as ever to stay connected and push the name out there as much as possible. The brand itself has a huge potential with marketing just of the back so I think it will only grow stronger and I am determined of that. I also hope to push and grow the roster, which is the main and current goal. And just be able to continuously push and help artists evolve into the best that they can be.

Big things to come.

So stay tuned!

Blvnc Records are always open to new artists. So do get in touch.

Blvnc Records are also now accepting artist and tape submissions.

Drop us a chat and let us know how we could help your music.

Join the Blvnc family.

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