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Blvnc Records Owner and CEO Daniel Hinton, addresses the new update and acquisition of new act Phantasm to the growing roster.

Blvnc records are pleased to announce the acquisition of the newly formed exciting dark pop act Phantasm.

On the New Partnership

An acquisition that really cropped up out of nowhere has been a fantastic pull. Blvnc Records are more than happy to announce this. And is another fantastic opportunity of growth for both parties. Assisting with the success of the 'Feel The Same' release from Viva La Bear, we are excited in seeing where we can take this music and go with this. Talks are already in place to venture out new music and get that going where we can. Phantasm are another fantastic example of what we are looking for. We are raring to go and bring you the music.

About The Band

South-West based act Phantasm is a beautifully crafted blend of dark pop, UK pop-punk and early 2000's American emo, placed into this ghostly stripped format. Tangled on the ropes of emotion with strong lyricism, this music is a must for anyone.

The act are currently in the works in regards to making new music with the aim to release it to the world in the coming months. Phantasm previously had self released music only to Soundcloud to a select audience, before being found and picked up by the label.

Stay tuned.

There are exciting developments ahed for this act.

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