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South-West-based act Phantasm is a beautifully crafted blend of dark pop, UK pop-punk and early 2000's American emo, placed into this ghostly stripped format. Tangled on the ropes of emotion with strong lyricism, this music is a must for anyone. Coming into fruition in mid to late 2020. Phantasm created and released a small collection of stripped-back tracks that noted the 'Spveres Recordings' on Soundcloud to a select audience through the invitation of QR codes placed around the southwest home.


Track forward to 2021, Phantasm reinvigorated itself with a more electronic-influenced experimental sound and worked tirelessly to create the next instalment of the Phantasm story. The next series of recordings will be released simultaneously from March until summer. The Band operates in a secluded manner, choosing not to have a presence on social media in an attempt to throw all attention and curiosity to the aesthetic of the band and the music itself. 

The band's first two releases were “Shift” which was released on the 1st of March and followed up by the release of “Eclipse” on April 30th.

Following the buzz of the initial releases, Phantasm then decided to craft its next venture. Keeping people waiting, the band waited till the very end of the year to release what was entitled 'Phase Three' this is the following instalment from the band and has been kickstarted by the latest release of 'Abuser' which hit stores on December 1st. 

Pushing the boundaries with their writing style Phantasm's latest move saw them turn the page with the most recent release of 'The Lost Vocal Sessions' The one-off live EP Saw the band play band and instrumental versions of their first two releases of 'Shift' and 'Eclipse'.

The band returned to the studio in early October ahead of their latest release "Someone Else" which dropped on the 18th of November. The band continued their hallowing sound with some hard-hitting lyrics encountering strong praise from listeners. 

following a quiet start to the year the band with the label surprised all with the band's 6th release "Let You Down" which arrived on the 10th of Feb, with no promotion or hinting of the release the band opted for the ultimate secrecy, allowing fans to find the track in the early hours before it was mentioned.




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