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Spare Room


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They were told not to quit their day jobs. So they didn’t.

Hailing from Kent, Spare Room is made of indie feel-good music duo James Hawkins and Tristan Macgregor. Music made for you from the spare room. The pair love making music and hope you love listening to it too (and enjoy it more than their neighbours), their project is nothing less than creating break-out entertainment. 2022 will be the band's year, with plenty lined up and music coming to your ears very soon. Catch them breaking out of a spare room near you.

The Band's first release of "Falling Down" was their initial breakthrough success, giving the listeners a taste of the jazz-esque indie feel-good music that was to come. 

Hawkins and Macgregor recently followed this up with the long-awaited 2022 summer release of "Hang Ups". This track was also the first venture with Blvnc Records. The anthemic feel-good song of the summer can be found across all platforms and stores now.  This is just a taste of what is yet to come.

Like an early Christmas present, Spare Room surprised everyone with the immediate drop of their second single "Flat". Landing December 1st, this blusey-feel-good track filled the gap of a warming sound that everyone has been after , having success across streaming and radio outlets. Continuing the bands early rise ahead of what is going to be a huge 2023. 


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