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Another Blvnc Svmmer

The Blvnc Records long-awaited Update 2023!

We hope all of you music makers and lovers are well. Admittedly it’s been a bit too long; so it's well overdue for a look and invitation into the world of Blvnc Records.

What's new, what's been happening; and what's yet to come in store for you all.

Firstly, wanting to delve into the topic of our recent absences this year, while music has still been going out and acquisitions are still being made, it will be no question that online activity has been on the dip. And from myself, I can confirm there is of no risk of the label winding down.

A change of jobs and hours outside the label as well as a long and tedious house move limited my hours of creative work. and a long and tedious house move limited my hours of creative work On the face of it a lame excuse I know but, being settled into a new residence with better equipment, suitability to oversee mass media projects, and in a more central location has provided that new rush of drive and flow which I can promise will be pumped into the Blvnc, and the fruits of our label will soon be in full flow.

Since last checking in, we have seen the bloom and double release from Spare Room with both huge tracks "Flat" and "Hang Ups", and I know the guys have both been working hard on new music which we can't wait to get stuck into. We also saw the latest release from Viva La Bear with the "Better Company" anthem, This huge rock hitter was incredible to see and share with you. And last but not least we saw another two tracks from the ever-mysterious Phantasm with "Someone Else" and “Let You Down”.

We are blessed with the artists that we have been working with and it's great to see them all continue with the blooming journeys that they are all on. We can't wait to add to that and keep these rides going.

We will be kicking off the resurgence quickly too with a well overdue gift coming in the next week.

As always, stay rocking and stay safe! Once again, thank you for your patience and continued support. And we’ll catch up very soon.


Owner and CEO, Blvnc Records

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