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1 Month of Phantasm's 'Eclipse'

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

We celebrate the love and support for Phantasms Excellent follow up second single 'Eclipse' as it surpasses 1 month.

Like every release we like to re-shine the spotlight onto the fantastic music that we've seen through our label so far. And ahead of this double day of celebration, we wanted to first take a look at the fantastic follow up single 'Eclipse' from the ever pragmatic Phantasm.

Both label and artist are over the moon with all the amazing feedback and love that everyone has shown so far for the single. All the shares, likes, playlist adds and streams have been amazing and we couldn't thank you all enough. Phantasm are over the moon and are extremely grateful for the continued support at the amazing music they make.

Eclipse itself is another example of the great harrowing songwriting from the band and is the perfect follow up to the debut single 'Shift'. In this track we see more of the power from singer Lucy's voice which is perfectly accompanied by the soft layer of guitar. Which is a theme we can see so far in the Phantasm discography. And one that we hope to see continue in the future. A sound to compliment any lazy morning or late night drive, and will leave you wanting more.

Stay tuned for more Phantasm on the way as we have some exciting news as well as bits and bobs to show you all soon. In the meantime, Keep playing and loving the tunes!

Keep safe and all the best,


Blvnc Records CEO.

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