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1 Month of Sierra's 'Felicity's Crystal/White Noise'

We celebrate the love and support for Sierra's first release with us here at Blvnc Records with their groundbreaking double A-Side 'Felicity's Crystal/White Noise'

Like every release we like to re-shine the spotlight onto the fantastic music that we've seen through our label so far. And ahead of this double day of celebration, we wanted to take a look at the second release of the day with the first release with us here at Blvnc Records with their groundbreaking double A-Side 'Felicity's Crystal/White Noise'.

It's been a fantastic ride so far with Sierra and both label and Artist are incredibly blown away and thankful for all the love and support that has been show for the single. And we couldn't be more thankful for the show of love which helps make what we all do all the more worth it. All the shares, likes, playlist adds and streams have

been amazing and we couldn't thank you all enough, and here's to many more!

The double A-Side of 'Felicity's Crystal/White Noise' is the perfect intro example to the band and shows off their incredible songwriting ability. Kicking off the record we have 'Felicity's Crystal', this Indie powerhouse is an instant dance maker and will guarantee to have you foot tapping at the minimum. This anthem like track is the perfect start to any party, and is perfect for those long drives and celebration playlists, a very summery tune all the most. Secondly on the record we have 'White Noise'. The more mellow of the two tracks, White Noise perfectly compliments the previous track, taking it down a notch. This ballard esque vibe is lyrically excellent and will have words drifting in your head all day. Both tracks bounce off each other perfectly and you can see why this was made into a double A-Side as both are top of the A bracket. And both leave you wanting much much more.

Stay tuned for more Sierra on the way as we have some exciting news as well as bits and bobs to show you all soon. Gigs are back too and you can find all the tickets and info which are across all our social pages. And do be sure to follow these so you can stay well up to date with what we're all up to in the world of Blvnc Records'. In the meantime, Keep playing and loving the tunes!

Keep safe and all the best,


Blvnc Records CEO.

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