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Blvnc Records March to April Update

Owner and CEO Daniel Hinton, gives a new update and fresh outlook on what's in store for the coming weeks and months for Blnvc Records. As well as reflecting on the successes and learnings from the past few months from the goings on here at the Blvnc family.

On The Future

We're always looking to build ourselves, both as a record label and as a overall brand. We've come far and we're proud of the progress that we have made since our formation, and most importantly, we are soldering on. Looking forward we are always excited by any new music from any new artist, as always our submissions are open so we are ready to help out wherever and whoever we can. In regards to the artists we are working with at the moment, we are excited in the next chapter for what's in store with Viva La Bear, having been featured heavily across radio in both the UK and US and with lots of great feedback and rotation across the streaming world. The rock and alt world really is their oyster for which step they take next. Phantasm is another one whom we have been really excited by. The response we and the band themselves have seen has been fantastic, and has been an overall fantastic campaign for the single. The band themselves have been hard at work for the next instalments of music and we are hoping that this is something that will be available soon to you all. Looking forward too we are hoping to continue our connections with various other businesses and producers. And finally we do have another project in the works, not something that we can talk too much about now but if you stay tuned to our socials and website in the coming weeks, this will come to fruition. As well as this, we are now really pushing our Label and artist curated playlist, this does not only feature our own releases here but also lets you see what tunes we are listening too and are digging on a weekly basis. We really cannot wait to make, create and release more amazing music from these fantastic artists for you all. We are delighted to be in such a privileged position in the industry and one we cherish everyday.

Reflections looking back

What a busy few months of 2021 it has been for us here at Blvnc Records. To think that all the hurdles and brick walls we faced towards the back end of 2020 would be overcomed to now be showing our first two releases and campaigns under our belts. The amazing levels of music that we have seen and had the pleasure of being apart of so far is just extraordinary, and it is so exciting to see just some examples of the huge talent that we have in the scene both breaking through and ones that are already in the spotlight. Not just the artists and the music but also the sheer vast network that we have managed to build up, creating various connections and friendships that seem to cover the whole industry, constantly helping each other out and helping to build on the fantastic industry that we're in. Whilst it has been an amazing journey so far we have to also look upon our shortcomings and things that haven't always worked. this has been a great learning curve for us because as a label and a company we have learned from these and to all our artists and the music out there we are now better off from it, it's often overlooked but it is vastly important for us to learn and constantly evolve.

As always, thanks for tuning in and showing your support.

Together, music is stronger.

Stay tuned and stay safe.


Owner and CEO, Blvnc Records

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