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Blvnc Records - Website Update 2.0

Blvnc records is pleased to reveal the latest update to the labels website is now live.

We have added new and more interactive features across the board. including closer links and on site interactions with all our social media links, including a Instagram canvas. We have also added in our live curated Spotify playlist, so that you can listen as you explore our labels home.

All sections across the website have been refined, including our releases and artists tabs where you can learn more about the artists you love and discover new ones, as we grow the family.

You are also able now to take a more indepth look at our growing team here at Blvnc records and our growing associates across the business.

Join our mailing list too to be the first to experience the latest news and goings throughout the label.

We have many exciting developments and announcements coming your way soon. So connect with us across the socials and bookmark us here to follow the journey, and be park of the Blvnc family.

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