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Discography Showcase 1.0

Owner and CEO Daniel Hinton reflects on what's happened so far in the world of Blvnc Records and looks into what the immediate future holds.

It's been a long time since the beginning of the label and this journey of learning. We've experienced many roadblocks and not forgetting the worlds halt of the Pandemic. But yet here we are, we have persevered and we are thriving. In the past months in particular we have so far overseen the releases of two incredibly amazing tracks.

Our first release and venture with Viva La Bear for their groundbreaking single 'Feel The Same' was definitely a monumental moment for the label. So many bonds and friendships have been made through the endless networking and push of that track. And we are pleased with the continued progress and outcome of that. And hopefully world permitting getting to see that live and see the band progress is a next chapter for us here at the label, as well as working with the band on the next instalment of music.

Our next and second achievement was the securing of new act Phantasm. For us helping the band from more or less scratch help develop an image, profile and persona which best reflected them and their music has been another huge learning curve for us at the label. The release of the debut single 'Shift' and the workings of the next series of tracks from the band has shown real promise for both parties. Not just releasing the track but working alongside one of our partners Vasonic to provide the world with a top quality record. The first of many i am sure.

Looking ahead to the immediate and long term future, we have some really exciting music lined up from our Phantasm artist and we are working towards that very soon. We are also constantly working towards new innovative ways that we can push our artists music and help put it onto new media and forms. We are always looking for any ways to leverage our music.

We are also as always looking for the next artist to add to our ranks and family, and cannot wait to see who that is and what's in store for all parties here on the label.

Stay tuned for exciting news in the coming weeks!

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