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Gigs, Gigs and Progress. The February & March Update.

It's been a while so we thought we'd share new insight and keep you all up to date with what's been going on since we last checked in together.

Firstly like the title implies we have some amazing gigs coming together and hitting the venues very soon. First up, we have Sierra who have got themselves booked into The Louisiana, The King Arthur and Crofters Rights this year. Each event is on its own too, having already made staggering progress in getting all three of these events selling out, which is just amazing news for everyone. Later this February, we also see Viva La Bear as supports for an amazing gig up at the Frog and Fiddle in Cheltenham. This is, as we are sure plenty more to come from all acts across Blvnc Records. Gigs breed gigs and we are always for it. In the coming months, we can also let you in with the little secret that we are aiming to bring back the Blvnc Records Presents gig and put on our mega showcase not just of our bands but also reach out to some friends local acts too.

Among other things intertwined with the live aspect, we are seeing a lot of creativity within our artists this year, not giving too much away or even revealing any dates or progress. but we have soon got some very exciting developments within the release world. Which I'm sure everyone will be hugely excited to see and be a part of.

We have also been in discussion and due to other errands that our staff currently have we are beginning the process of hiring and bringing on a new face or possible new faces to the Blvnc Records team and family. If this is something that you as a reader may be interested in or even know of someone who is then do feel free to drop a message to us across any of our socials, and we can see what we can do.

Call it an extension of the rebrand but we are also looking at the time to make some merchandise for ourselves. This is still early doors, but we can put something like this together as we build and scale this record company to the unlimited heights we know we can take it.

Hopefully, this little passing passage here can help to give you an update on the busy schedule we have ahead here at Blvnc Records. We promise to also be a bit more on top this year with reaching out the important info to our readers and give you first hand access to all the latest news and info.

Until then, stay safe and stay rocking. We love it!


CEO, Blvnc Records

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