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Summer, Summer

The Blvnc Records Summer Update 2022

We hope all you music lovers are well. Admittedly it’s been a bit too long, so it's well overdue for a look and invitation into the world of Blvnc Records. What's new for the summer, what's been happening; and what's yet to come in store for you all.

Since we last checked in we saw the settled releases for the likes of ‘Here’ from Viva La Bear, the ‘Screaming into the Void’ EP from Sierra and the newest release of ‘The lost vocal sessions – Live at Blvnc Studios’ EP from Phantasm. Thank you to everyone who has streamed, saved, play-listed and listened to all of these releases so far. We are delighted by the love given to these tracks and cannot wait for some more. We have some lovely new music from Phantasm on the way soon and you can see the first release for Spare Room very shortly too.

We have some new graphic and video content tied to these releases in the works and will be sharing these with you all soon.

Gig wise we have seen some busy schedules play out from Sierra and Viva La Bear as well as two secret pop-up shows from Phantasm which were both as intimate and candlelit as you would expect. Coming up we have some more live events for you with a Woodbox Session on June 19th from Sierra as well as an appearance at the Great Cullompton Festival on the 23rd and 24th. It’s the summer of life and we are in talks with a few venues to put on some small gigs and sessions for our artists and other local talents across the southwest.

Continuing with the theme of creativity we are also delighted to welcome on board a new member to the Blvnc records family and more rose in the shape of a Spare Room. We are delighted to welcome the Kent-based duo onboard and cannot wait to share the amazing work that they have crafted, and share new music with you in the coming weeks and months.

We may just have another band announcement in store for you all too soon; so stay active on our socials. More to be revealed soon.

As mentioned in the previous catchup we had been in talks to make a new addition to Blvnc Records. And with that said, we are hugely grateful to welcome Joseph Hobbs to the team. Joseph will act as the label copywriter and editor for the website, ensuring all band and label work is of the highest quality and in another pair of the safest hands.

Another new feature that you will be delighted to see is that we are planning on adding a new store feature to the website and social platforms. This will include new outlets for bands to promote merchandise as well as sell directly from the label. We will also be including some custom-label merchandise. This however is still some time away from launching as we put the final bits together on the site, and finalise the process with various retailers and merchandisers for the creation of new and exclusive merchandise.

As always, stay rocking and stay safe! And we’ll catch up very soon.


Owner and CEO, Blvnc Records

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